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ANNOUNCING the NEW Marriage Mentorâ„¢ Support System

The NEW Marriage Mentors™ Support System, Version 2.0 is now ACTIVE. 

Organizations are currently being migrated to the NEW site. Ministry Coordinators will be notified when your Organization has been migrated.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use UUA Codes on this system. THEY WILL NOT OPERATE. All unused UUA Codes have been reallocated to work in our new MM20 site.

We will be contacting each church one at a time to move you to the new system. We have made changes to address many of the current challenges you have had on this old system. 

Please know we will make the change as seamless as possible. You will:

  1. Receive support one-on-one as needed.
  2. Navigate the site on both Desktop and Mobile devices.
  3. Have screencasts to learn the new step-by-step process of onboarding potential mentees and mentors, allocating codes and purchasing products.
  4. Manage each person in your mentoring system as individuals with separate logins (no longer as couples).
  5. Love the new dashboard that makes managing your ministry easier – no more scrolling through a long list of couples.
  6. Benefit from the new Connect Assessment and so will all your couples. The Connect Assessment effects the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 sessions, the Spouse’s Relationship Worksheet, and the Conflict Resolution worksheet. The Connect Assessment Report has different terminology and additional tools. The process of the exercises is very similar.
  7. Receive two Connect Assessment codes (one for each individual) on the new system for every one UUA Assessment Code (previously used one per couple) for your organization that are unused.
  8. Learn to use the new Connect Assessment from tutorials in the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 sessions in the Mentors Only section of the new site.
  9. Receive product updates, including new Devoted worksheets and Mentor Journal instructions. 
  10. Not need to make any changes with your existing mentoring relationships. Mentors only need to learn the new exercises for the Connect Assessment when they get a new couple.
  11. Notice that mentors must submit Mentor Session Reports. The new system allows you to view the reports collectively and can even alert leadership by email when a phone call is needed.
  12. Have access to this old system for a limited time on the new dashboard.

        Connect Assessment Report Example

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